Pictureby Lorenia http://www.flickr.com/photos/lorenia/
You came as a surprise

Unexpectedly you stood still while I danced

Standing tall you looked straight into my eyes

Looking into your eyes...I smiled

Sweetly you kissed my cheek.

We met. 

Me: having just emerged from my 


You: like a gypsy who travels often and never 

stays anywhere long enough

Resisting love?

Resisting being conquered...

You will not give in or be broken in

Pictureby Ryan Anger http://www.flickr.com/photos/trekmtber/
Being in your presence even seconds-

a powerful journey.

I was overcome by how 

present you are

Captured by your being


In your eyes I see so much….

With you I felt my heart from the inside out…

Your presence brought me further into my fullness

Pictureby Andi Jetaime http://www.flickr.com/photos/paix_et_amour/
Found my heart racing in 

anticipation of seeing you

Found I wanted time to be suspended

Liking the effect you had on me…

I fell...

Yet you holdback..

unaware of how you desert -

the one that sees you…

the one who wants to give you-


You kiss my lips, desiring my surrender

Yet you wont surrender to love itself

Pictureby Fr Lawrence Lew, O.P. http://www.flickr.com/photos/paullew/
Fond of me-

you enjoy the love I give but speak 

intently of what you don't want-

each time your words like a needle 

piercing my heart.

I recover trusting my own love or 

perhaps secretly 

desiring your heart 

to melt... 

Have you played with my heart?

The broken parts in you- 

fool you...

Have I been dismissed, unrecognized...?

Will you open your eyes and see- 

what is standing right in front of you?

Pictureby Leda Carter http://www.flickr.com/photos/leda_carter/
My heart --feels you fade into a misty night

If you could only remember who you are.

Love is inside you-

desiring expression...

Is not the heart meant to love?

Alone or together --

it is up to us to discover…

I wouldn't change how i feel 

about you

Feeling deeply is better than not feeling.

I admit I have been seduced by your presence

captivated by what I see in your eyes

I had no idea what you could mean to me

Pictureby Mohammadali F. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mfakheri/
My heart is set on 


loving passionately

loving without boundaries

I wont look back with regret

time is on our side

time after time..

my heart is devoted -

but not set on you

flashbacks or memories…

dreams or fantasies

slowly or suddenly

we can fall

fall in love

be caught in love

be caught by love

by Live Life Happy http://www.flickr.com/photos/deeplifequotes/


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    I am a rebel of the heart, with a desire to be of service to under served communities because of my strong sense of justice.  I am a passionate woman with a sweet and silly side striving to live more fully from my heart.  I am determined to dance more, think less, feel and laugh more.  

    If I can laugh more maybe I can defy time as I grew up too quickly.  I was often told as a child that I was wise beyond my years.  Having taken life too seriously like a race to win,  now I am living the moments to the fullest.  

    My undergraduate degree is in Business Administration which I am proud of obtaining because I had to overcome the death of my mother my first semester in college and help raise my kid sister. To fulfill my childhood dream I returned to school and got my masters in social work which was more in alignment with my gift of intuition & my heart of service.

    Sometimes the plans, goals and visions we have change because the unexpected happens.  Within months of my first job in the field of social work I was fired. Perhaps I was being redirected by God -but my mind was set on carrying out my plans.  I found it challenging to do truly soulful work because I was not listening to my heart.  It marked the beginning of a quest for more meaning and greater connection to Spirit/ Universe/ God and yes myself.

    My own healing has led me to pursue certifications in the healing arts as an Awareness & Brain Nutrition Coach.  And I have also have received initiation into Reiki energy healing and continue to learn about self healing tools with an intuitive healer.  I am a spiritual adventurer, non religious but very devoted to LOVE.

    I’m a non-conformist visionary who wants to allow my bliss to unfold. Part of what I know is that I've been a writer in hiding since I was a child and now my free spirit wants to express itself.  

    Therefore, this blog is about rekindling my passion and my journey to cultivating more love.  My hope is that it touches your heart and incites you to do more of what brings you joy, makes you laugh and where time is lost.  As a reserved person this is my opportunity to be open from my heart. 

     I’ll look forward to our hearts touching on this platform!


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