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Love is what most matters?

Love is what we need to survive as infants.  

Love is our greatest joy?

Love is freeing.

Love is our greatest purpose?

Love is what we really are.  

At our best our love is fearless?

Without our fears it seems our only choice is love. 

For me, the purpose of surrender is- 

to get to that 'fearless me.'

Surrender or letting go sometimes is taken to mean giving up one’s will to a higher power or simply not taking responsibility for our life.

For me, the ultimate purpose of surrender is to discover the Truth which leads to “LIBERATION. ”  

"Letting go" has so much meaning to me.  

Lately, I find that simplifying and condensing anything and everything is useful and empowering. 

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Here is what “letting go,” means to me:

Willingness to allow connection w/self and others

Willingness to be vulnerable in the moment

Willingness to trust

Willingness to receive love 

Willingness to embrace the unknown

Willingness to witness or suspend judgment

Willingness to act on my wisdom  

Willingness to speak up

Willingness to uncover deeper layers...  

Willingness to expand my heart in the face of my perceptions of non-love

Willingness to grieve (what no longer is or what could have been)

Willingness to experience what is - no matter what!

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The even simpler version of surrender:

Not struggling.

Not holding back!

Flowing through the inevitable!

Being free of suffering which is not the same as not experiencing pain.

For me, the ultimate purpose of surrender is to discover the Truth which leads to “LIBERATION. ”  

Pictureby Bai Bellic http://www.flickr.com/photos/49727943@N03/

Love or Truth embodied.

Surrendering means that I'm open to experience life.  Open to living authentically, with ease and reverence for all life.  

Letting go of old habits or patterns, and beliefs that leave me unfulfilled to enjoy what is.  

It means to live fearlessly.  To live fearlessly is freedom.  Freedom is joyous love. 

Surrender means I maintain my will to create my heart’s desires with the disclaimer that a greater universal consciousness not yet tapped leads me to people, places, events that unfold a powerfully loving life.   

Power of living our deepest Truth must be the ultimate destination of surrender. 

Pictureby BK Symphony of Love http://www.flickr.com/photos/pictoquotes/

What is your deepest truth right now?

Are you aligned in thoughts, heart and spirit's truth?

Is there anything preventing you from living more truthfully?

Do you truly FEEL FREE, Loved and Loving?

What are you willing to 'do' right now to live your deepest truth?



01/12/2016 04:10

Really impressive post. I read it whole and going to share it with my social circules. I enjoyed your article and planning to rewrite it on my own blog.

butterfly swan
01/19/2016 20:24

Thank you showerchairrentals. Appreciate the time you took to read this post. Best in 2016.


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    I am a loving woman with a sweet and playful side.   I love to dance, connect with others and see beauty all around me.

    I am committed to self empowerment, loving deeply and more expansively, as well living lightly, and laughing more in the eternal Now.

    If I can laugh more, I might just defy time as I grew up too quickly.   I was often told as a child that I was wise beyond my years.  

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    I've taken the path of simplicity.    

    Learning is continual so I continue honing my skills and learning various healing tools, to facilitate transformation.  

    I honor your inner knowing and path to facilitate change or healing.   Ultimately transformation is a willingness from within to embrace well-being. 

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